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Professional, Academic, and Code

Mayachitra, Inc., (MC) — I currently work for MC as a Senior Researcher. In this role I have authored and co-authored more than seven grant proposals (SBIRs / STTRs, RIFs, and white papers) and counting. I also serve as Principal Investigator (PI) for the Uncertainty Estimation of Graphical Neural Networks project, which funded by the National Geo-Spatial Agency (NGA). My investigations use advanced time series analysis, multimodal data analytics, machine learning (RFCs, SVMs, ensembles, etc.), computer vision, image analysis, and very deep neural methods (LSTMs/RNNs, Cyclic CNNs, GANs, etc.) for uncertainty and robust system estimation and activity and event analysis of natural industrial (human: warehouses, construction sites, and healthcare), urban (traffic: roads and parking lots), maritime (ships: ports, marinas, and channels) environments observed from side (CCTV and surveillance cameras), aerial (UAVs and drones) and overhead (satellite) views . The methods are developed for Mayachitra’s DoD and private clients using our state of the art computational capabilities. The software solutions are developed on C++/C and Python programming languages for GPUs, CPUs, and embedded systems using TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenCV frameworks.  Findings of my work at MC are being pre-prared for submission to top-tier conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, BMVC, ICDSC, NIPS, WACV, ICLR, and ICML)

Procore Technologies — I left Procore in August 2018. The findings of my work were submitted to peer-reviewed venue (waiting for reviews) and are available as pre-print on ArXiv. The “secret-sauce” details were submitted to the US patent office.

Carpe Data formerly Social Intelligence (where I was the Chief Data Scientist)

GitHub — Code

LinkedIn — Professional Network

Google Scholar — Publications

Research Gate — (More) Publications

Academic Research Laboratories

Vision Research Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara [site] — VRL, where I did my PhD work

VRL Mentoring [site]

Bio-Image Informatics at UC Santa Barbara [site] — associated with the VRL

Center for Big Data In Healthcare (dev mode) [site] — feel safe to ignore the warning

Translational Medicine Research Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara [site] — phased out

Eggers Lab at San Jose State University [site] — undergraduate Biochemistry research

Healthcare Robotics Laboratory at Georgia Tech [site] — undergraduate Robotics research

Labmates: Current and Old



Dmitry Fedorov, MS and Software Wiz [site]

Aruna Jammalamadaka, PhD [site]

Justin Pearson, PhD [site]

Karthikeyan Shanmuga, PhD [site]


Cressel D. Anderson, MS [site]

Travis Deyle, PhD [site]

Colleagues and Collaborators

Corey Baker, Assistant Professor IoT at University of Kentucky  [site]

Victor Fragoso, Assistant Professor in Computer Sciences at  W. Virginia University [site]

Marco Rodriguez Suarez, Android Developer [site]

General Interest

Caugnate AR remote collaboration (acquired by Vuforia) [site] — I am former developer

Cobalt Robotics – Promising StartUp [site]

Hizook – Robotics Portal [site]

OpenCV – Computer Vision Library [site]

PyImageSearch – Computer Vision in Python [site]

ViQi – Massive Images [site]

Scikit-Learn – Machine Learning Python Library [site]

TensorFlow – Machine Learning with CNNs [site]


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